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Rent your Way to Ownership! In one of the most desirable neighbourhoods in Chestermere

Rent to Own

a better way to own!

Skylar Homes has introduced a rent to own program that is designed so that you can accumulate a down payment on a townhouse or semi-attached home over the course of a year’s lease. This is a great way to secure a down payment while you are living in the home.

For example, to rent to own a 2 bedroom Townhouse listed at $334,800 + GST you would pay a $950 initial deposit and $1,700/month for 12 months. At the end of the term you could have accumulated $21,350 towards the down payment! You would be responsible for utilities and services during the lease. Condo fees are included in the monthly rent. Skylar Homes is only charging a portion of the bank’s carrying costs to participate in the program. The new price of the home is $356,150 + GST and you lock in that price today regardless of what the market looks like in a years time. 

This is a great program for someone who is building their credit or who needs a way to save for a down payment. The program also gives you a year to get pre-approved and shop around for the best financing. Rent to own is a smart choice from Skylar Homes.


Life is better by the lake... why wait?

There’s a life waiting for you in Chestermere. It holds all the things you daydream about:  wide open spaces, endless walking paths and bike trails, plus don’t forget four season lakeside living.

How do Chestermere residents stay engaged?

The city plans events through the year to bring the whole community together:  the Water Festival in July, complete with wakeboarding, kids’ activities, food trucks, beer gardens, artisan market, and fireworks, the Winter Lights festival, Canada Day celebrations, Market in the Park, and Taste of Chestermere, and more.

Other initiatives such as Chestermere in Bloom and a recent sharing of #LoveChestermere on social media show a commitment to making the city a beautiful place, welcoming newcomers and connecting longtime residents.

Residents of this pretty lakeside city also love to connect in their neighbourhoods. Wide, safe streets welcome families and kids on bikes, so you’ll always see people out and enjoying the city. Many neighbourhoods host their own block parties, and we’ve heard rumours of at least one neighbourhood being declared Candy Cane Lane in December!

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